Clouds of Cement Dust Engulf Pune-Daund DEMU Local, Passenger Discomfort Raises Alarms

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Pune, 1st April 2024: In a glaring oversight by the railway administration, passengers aboard the Pune-Daund DEMU Local (Train No 01529) were subjected to an unexpected and uncomfortable ordeal on Sunday, March 31st. As the train journeyed its regular route from Uruli to Yavat within the Pune-Daund section, travelers found themselves amidst clouds of cement dust. The cause: ongoing infrastructure work on the railway tracks where cement had been laid out, unfortunately leading to dust clouds engulfing the trains passing through.

This incident, occurring around 4 pm, has put a spotlight on the mismanagement issues plaguing the railway services, affecting the daily commute of numerous passengers. The airborne cement dust not only posed an immediate inconvenience but also raised concerns over the health implications for those onboard.

Local advocacy group Pune Railway Prawasi has voiced the frustrations of the affected passengers, emphasizing the distress caused by the dust. Despite previous complaints and requests for action on various fronts submitted over a month ago, there seems to be a significant delay in addressing these concerns. The group questions the commitment of the Pune railway division (@drmpune) towards the welfare and comfort of local passengers, highlighting a need for urgent and effective measures to rectify the current situation and prevent such incidents in the future.