Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield helps an accident victim to recover and return to work

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27 Aug 2019, Bangalore  : In grave accidents and sickness, one need is an assurance and trust in a medical set up that will provide the best possible treatment accompanied with expertise that will do all that a patient needs emotionally, mentally, medically and physically. Such are the standards that Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield has established for itself which has ensured people trust and belief in its infrastructure, its expertise and its service. This was again proved in a recent accident case study where the faith in Columbia Asia Hospitals helped revive a young boy.

Ravi (name changed 22 years freshly joined as an employee at Decathlon warehouse in Bengaluru. He met with an accident where he was run over by a water tanker. After the accident, the boy was rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield with extensive crush injury in both his limbs along with vascular compromise.

Ravi was taken up for emergency surgery on a Sunday for limb re-vascularization and salvage which was carried by team of doctors led by Dr. Narender Reddy, Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon, Dr Sandhya Consultant Plastic and reconstructive surgeon and Dr Ravindra Puttaswamiah Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield. He was in ICU wherein multiple blood transfusions, dressings, and other medications were provided to stabilise blood pressure.

Ravi was taken to another private hospital four days later once he was in a more stable condition, only to return back to Columbia Asia as satisfactory and proper care was not provided to him in the private hospital. Ravi had lost his skin circumferentially all along the thigh and leg which needed multiple plastic surgical procedure. Dr Sandhya performed multiple procedures to salvage his limb which included VAC dressings, extensive skin graft both legs and soft tissue cover.

“His torn and repaired muscles needed rehabilitation he underwent aggressive physiotherapy. After going through two months of intensive treatment, Ravi was discharged. His follow up after two months reveal that Ravi is now able to walk and can do his activities by himself and shall soon join back his work” said Dr. Sandhya Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield.

“I’m very much thankful to my company and my co-workers for helping me and being very supportive during this grave accident. My sincere gratitude to the doctors here at Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield for giving me a new lease of life and supporting me throughout the recovery phase” said Ravi, patient.

Decathlon helped Ravi with all medical expenses. It was the medical expertise that Columbia Asia Hospital guarantees because of which Ravi was taken straight to the hospital. With constant treatment and support, the hospital gave Ravi a new lease of life.