Concerns Arise Among Pune Dealers as Petrol and Diesel Prices May See Drastic Cuts Again

Petrol Price
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Pune, 30th December 2023: The recent news circulating for the past two days regarding a potential reduction in petrol and diesel prices by 8-10 rupees has raised concerns among the dealers in the district. Having experienced massive cuts of similar magnitude twice before, the dealers have incurred losses amounting to a minimum of 8-10 lakhs in a single day. This has significantly impacted the financial stability of the dealer community.

In a statement, Dhruv Ruparel, President of the Petrol Dealers Association (PDA) Pune, emphasized the need for a balanced approach that considers both consumer relief and the financial well-being of the dealers.

While the dealer fraternity supports the idea of providing relief to consumers, they appeal to the government not to slash the prices of petroleum products by 8-10 rupees in a single day. Such abrupt reductions have proven detrimental to the dealers, and they seek a more measured approach to ensure financial sustainability.

Additionally, the dealers request oil marketing companies and the Ministry of Petroleum to address their pending request for the revision of dealer margins. This plea, pending for 6-7 years, is crucial to shielding dealers from further financial distress.