New Year’s Weather: Pune Anticipates Mainly Clear Skies, Occasional Cloudiness

Cloudy weather
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Pune, 30th December 2023: The India Meteorological Department provides a local weather forecast for Pune and its neighborhood from 31st December 2023 to 5th January 2024.

31/12/2023: Mainly clear sky with a transition to a partly cloudy sky expected towards the afternoon/evening.

01/01/2024: Similar to the previous day, the weather will start with a mainly clear sky, evolving into a partly cloudy sky towards the afternoon/evening.

02/01/2024: The forecast for the day anticipates a mainly clear sky, gradually transforming into a partly cloudy sky later in the afternoon/evening.

03/01/2024: Expect a day with a mainly clear sky, transitioning into a partly cloudy sky during the afternoon/evening.

04/01/2024: The weather on this day is predicted to feature a partly cloudy sky.

05/01/2024: The forecast for the day suggests a partly cloudy sky.

Residents and travelers in Pune and the surrounding areas are advised to stay updated with the local weather conditions during this period. The India Meteorological Department will continue to monitor and provide timely updates if there are any changes in the weather pattern.