Consumers Brace for Financial Impact as Fruit and Vegetable Prices Rise in Pune Market Yard

Market Yard vegetable fruit
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Market Yard, 7th April 2024: The decrease in arrivals of fruits and vegetables has led to an increase in prices, resulting in potential financial strain for consumers. On Sunday (April 7), 90 truckloads of fruits and vegetables were received at the wholesale market in Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard from various states and overseas.

These included 8 to 10 Tempo Green Chillies from Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh, 8 to 10 Tempo Totapuri Raw Mango from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, 3 to 4 Tempo Cabbage from Karnataka, 3 to 4 Tempo Common Beans from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, as well as 5 to 6 tempo Moringa, 2 truckloads of Carrots from Rajasthan, 5 tempo Peas from Himachal Pradesh, and 10 to 12 tempo Garlic from Madhya Pradesh, as reported by Agent Vilas Bhujbal, a senior figure at the market yard.

From the Pune Division, traders reported the arrival of Satari Ginger in 500 to 600 sacks, Okra in 7 to 8 tempo, Guar in 4 to 5 tempo, Tomato in 8 to 10 thousand boxes, Green Chilli in 4 to 5 tempo, Capsicum in 8 to 10 tempo, and Cabbage in 4 to 5 tempo. Traders mentioned the arrival of 10 to 12 tempos of cauliflower, 8 to 10 tempos of coarse chillies, 7 to 8 tempos of cucumbers, 100 trucks of onions, and 30 trucks of potatoes from Indore, Agra, and local areas.

There has been an increase in the prices of leafy vegetables such as sorghum, flax, radish, and cowpea, while the price of shepu has decreased. However, traders noted that the prices of coriander, fenugreek, green onions, White goosefoot, mint, amaranth, green sorrel, and spinach remain stable. On Sunday, the vegetable section of the market yard received one and a half lakh pairs of coriander and 50 to 60 thousand pairs of fenugreek.