Coronavirus in Pune: First plasma therapy successful at Sassoon Hospital, COVID patient recovered

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Pune, May 22, 2020: While discussing Plasma Theory, good news has come out. A patient at Sassoon Hospital in Pune has been cured of Coronavirus. This is the first time in a state government hospital that a corona-infected patient has been corona-free due to plasma therapy.

Corona patient was cured on May 6 at Naidu Hospital. The life of the critical patient has been saved by donating 1 unit of plasma blood from this patient’s body to Sassoon Hospital. Antibodies against the corona are produced in the patient’s blood within 1 month after healing. The process of donating plasma to Sassoon Hospital was completed last week.

The patient was shifted from the COVID ward yesterday after the 2nd RTPCR report came negative on the fifteenth day. The treated patient developed high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and obesity. Covid19’s disease is more complicated in such patients and often leads to diarrhoea. However, giving this person two days of plasma (200 ml per day) on May 10 and 11 has improved the patient’s condition. The patient will be discharged soon, according to a press release issued by Sassoon Hospital.

Plasma Therapy is given according to the blood group as per the guidelines of ICMR. Plasma therapy was started for another patient on May 20 and the patient’s condition is improving. A patient who has recovered from Covid19 disease can donate plasma without symptoms for more than 28 days. Men over the age of 18 or women without children can help save a patient’s life by donating plasma. The new antibodies in the plasma will be a boon to patients with COVID 19, Sassoon’s superintendent said.

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