Coronavirus in Pune: Kothrud Bavdhan, Aundh Baner ward areas may be declared as ‘Green Zone’

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Pune, April 24, 2020: While new coronavirus positive patients are being found daily in certain parts of Pune, it is clear that new patients have not been detected in areas under Kothrud-Bavdhan and Aundh-Baner ward offices of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). There are only four patients in these areas and they are in a state of complete recovery. Therefore, the municipal administration hopes that the area will be declared as a “green zone” soon.

The number of patients is increasing in the Peth areas, especially in Bhavani Peth, Dhole Patil Road and Kasba Peth ward offices. The death toll is also higher in these areas. The entire city, including Peth, has been “sealed”. However, in the last one and a half months, not many patients have been found within the boundaries of Kothrud-Bavdhan and Aundh-Baner ward offices.

An area can be declared a green zone only if a new patient is not found within 28 days from the date the last patient was found. A patient has been found in Kothrud, Aundh-Baner eight days ago, the PMC health department said.

As per the latest information available with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), there has been an increase of 104 new patients today, which is the same as yesterday. Now the total number of Coronavirus positive patients has reached 980. Across Pune district which includes Pune rural, PMC and PCMC areas, the number of COVID cases has reached about 1100.

As per PMC Coronavirus update, today four patients died taking the total tally of deaths to 64. On the other hand, 16 patients were discharged after getting cured of the deadly virus. Till now 146 patients have been cured and discharged. However, the cause of concern is the condition of 41 patients who are still critical. There are 770 active patients admitted in 23 hospitals.

PMC officials said that the number of patients has also increased in the suburbs; while earlier it was concentrated in the central part of Pune city. Throat fluid samples from about 6,181 people in different parts of the city have been examined. Of these, 5,264 reports have been negative. Although the number of new patients is increasing, the number of those who have been cured of the coronavirus has also increased to 146. People are currently being investigated by the door to door visit in the “red zone” areas.