Coronavirus: Maharashtra govt to reduce buses, Local trains capacity, shops timing to be changed

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Mumbai, March 18, 2020: In order to combat the outbreak of Corona with full might, prevention of its infection is extremely essential. This is possible only if the crowd is controlled. The chief minister of the state minister Uddhav Thackeray today conducted a meeting in which important decisions were taken. They include attendance of 50 percent employees in government offices at alternate days.

The number of Coronavirus positive patients has increased to 45 in the state.

The instructions for reducing off 50 percent capacity of means for public transport like Railways, buses of State transport, Private buses and Metro had been given. The standing commuters in the BEST buses will be banned and instructions are given and to make the passengers sit in such a way that the distance between them is more. The number of buses in the cities will also be increased so that the public transport is not affected.

Timings of shops to be decided

The timings of the shops and other outlets in the cities will be decided in such a way that some will remain open in the morning and others in the afternoon. The traffic on the road and crowded market will also be curbed by changing the time or opening them on alternate days.

Availability of equipments

The Chief Minister directed to see that all the equipments required for confronting the ongoing situation, are made available at hospitals, medical colleges in the state. The required number of isolated wards and quarantine facility had been pressed into service. The equipments like ventilation, masks, protection equipments for medical workers, medical equipments, and medicine are all made available. People who are asked for ‘home quarantine’ should stay at home and take care of themselves and their families. They should not venture in the vicinity of other places. The government is keeping an eye on such people ask for Home Quarantine and if such ‘stamped’ persons are found wandering, they will be strictly admitted to the hospital.

Do not stock essential commodities

People should not make stocks of essential commodities, food grains or medicines as the stock and supply of all the essential commodities in the state is adequate. There is no need of panicking. If any businessmen are found making stock by availing the benefit of the situation or if they are found selling medicines and masks and other necessary medicines at exorbitant prices, stringent action will be taken against them.