Covid-19 Negative Certificate Mandatory For E-Pass; Over 5000 Applications Rejected Out Of 11000 For Inter-District Travel

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Pune, 26th April 2021: An E-pass facility has been introduced in all districts of Maharashtra since Friday (23rd April). While issuing this e-pass, the police have made mandatory Covid-19 Negative Certificate for all. If this certificate is not attached to the application, then the permission for an e-pass is being denied.

In exceptional circumstances, permission is given only when a very special person has died and the person wants to go for it immediately. In such a case people are given an e-pass even if they do not have a Covid-19 negative certificate.

A digital pass service room has been started in the Pune City Police Commissionerate. A total of 11,238 e-passes were demanded till Sunday evening. Out of which 3,302 passes were sanctioned. While 338 applications had expired, 2,500 passes are pending. So far 5,097 applications have been rejected.

DCP (Crime) Shrinavas Ghadge said, “It is mandatory to submit Covid-19 negative certificate for all to get a digital pass. Without this, the application will not be accepted.”

According to the guidelines, people who belong to essential services do not need a digital pass for traveling inside the city. However, they need to carry their identity card with them and show them when asked at checkpoints.

Digital pass is being given for people traveling to another district for attending the funeral of a close relative, serious illness, marriage, or for a medical reason. However, the necessary documents need to be submitted online.

For the marriage ceremony, the pass will be given to the bride, groom, their parents, siblings, uncle and Auntie but a wedding card needs to be attached to the application.

No permission will be given for a commercial purpose. People traveling by plane will be given a digital pass.

Total application for E-Pass: 11237
Application granted – 3302
Expired application – 336
Pending application – 2500
Rejected application – 5049

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