Crackdown on Criminal Syndicates: Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Charges Three Gangs Under MCOCA

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 22nd February 2024: In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Pimpri-Chinchwad police have intensified their efforts to ensure a secure, transparent, and unbiased electoral process.

Police Commissioner Vinoy Kumar Choubey targeted three gangs from Pimpri, Wakad, and Nigdi police stations being charged under MCOCA. Additionally, three individuals from Wakad, Dighi, and Pimpri have faced legal consequences. A total of 17 criminals from areas such as Wakad, Mahalunge, Chikhali, Dehu Road, and Pimpri have been pursued and apprehended, reinforcing the commitment to creating a fear-free environment during the elections.

MCOCA Targets Three Gangs:

1) Pimpri Area Gang:
– Leader: Suraj Uttam Kirwale (24 years old, Chikhali resident)
– Members: Yash alias Pasha Kailas Bhosale (21 years old, Pimpri resident), Avinash Prakash Mane (22 years old, Pimpri resident), Ganesh Jamdade (Pimpri resident)
– Criminal Record: Involved in six cases of murder, attempted murder, robbery, preparation for robbery, grievous hurt, injury, and possession of firearms. A case of attempted murder has been registered at the Pimpri police station.

2) Wakad Area Gang:
– Leader: Rohit Mohan Khatal (21 years old, Thergaon resident)
– Members: Sahil Hanif Patel (21 years old, Parvati resident), Rishikesh Hari Atole (21 years old, Thergaon resident), Shubhag Chandrakant Panchal (23 years old, Kalewadi resident), Aniket Anil Pawar (27 years old, Thergaon resident), Pritam Sunil Bhosale (20 years old, Kalewadi resident), Shivshankar Shamrao Jirge (22 years old, Thergaon resident), Sumit Sidram Mane (23 years old, Rahatani resident), Ganesh Baban Khare (26 years old, Thergaon resident), Ajay Bhim Dudhabhate (22 years old, Thergaon resident), Munna Eknath Vairagar (21 years old, Thergaon resident), Kaivalya Dinesh Jadwar (19 years old, Hadapsar resident)
– Criminal Record: Involved in 19 cases of attempted murder, grievous hurt, robbery, forcible theft, extortion, vehicle vandalism, and possession of illegal weapons, and firearms. Cases have been registered in Beed, Ahmednagar, and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Legal action has been initiated against them in a robbery case registered in Wakad police station.

3) Nigdi Area Conspiracy Exposed:

1. Leader: Aman Shankar Pujari (22 years old, Akurdi resident)
– Members: Shivam Sunil Dubey (21 years old, Akurdi resident), Ratna Mithailal Barud (36 years old, Akurdi resident)
– Criminal Record: Conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, inflict harm, and engage in vandalism. Six cases related to the illegal possession of dangerous weapons have been officially recorded within the jurisdiction of the Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate.

It was discovered that the individuals implicated in these three gangs have organized themselves into a criminal syndicate, engaging in systematic criminal activities involving violence to assert dominance and reap financial benefits. Consequently, a proposal recommending action against these gangs under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act 1999 was submitted to the Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissioner’s office. After this submission, orders have been issued to take legal action against these offenders under MCOCA.

Currently, three individuals with criminal backgrounds are incarcerated in Yerawada Jail. The infamous Sandesh, also known as Shilvya Lazarus Chopde (from Rahanar Kalewadi), has 14 registered cases with the Wakad police. Another notorious figure, Aniket, alias Gudya Sanjay Metkare (from Rahanar Dighi), has three registered cases with the Dighi police. Lastly, Deepak Suresh Mohite (from Rahanar Pimpri), a known criminal, has ten cases registered against him with the Pimpri police. All three of these individuals are currently in Yerawada Jail under the MPDA Act.

17 Individuals Subject to Police Extern

The Pimpri-Chinchwad police executed a coordinated extern operation, apprehending individuals from various locations within the Pune district:

Wakad Police Station:
1. Anand Kishore Valmiki (Age 29 – Residing in Wakad – Under extern for 2 years)
2. Ashish Eknath Shete (Age 24 – Residing in Rahatani – Under extern for 1 year)

Mahalunge Police Station:
1. Sanket Manik Kolekar (Age 22 – Residing in Khed – Under extern for 1 year)

Chikhali Police Station:
1. Akash Babu Nadwin Mani (Age 21 – Residing in Chikhli – Under extern for 2 years)

Dehu Road Police Station:
1. Rohit alias Gab-ya Rajaswamy (Age 22 – Residing in Dehu Road – Under extern for 1 year)
2. Rishikesh alias Sharya Adagale (Age 24 – Residing in Dehu Road – Under extern for 2 years)

Pimpri Police Station:
1. Suraj Ramharak Jaiswal (Age 21 – Residing in Pimpri – Under extern for 2 years)
2. Shubham Raju Waghmare (Age 22 – Residing in Pimpri – Under extern for 2 years)
3. Vrishab Nandu Jadhav (Age 21 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
4. Shekhar alias Baka Babu Bote (Age 20 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
5. Shubham Ashok Chandane (Age 19 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
6. Shantaram Maruti Vitkar (Age 34 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
7. Anurag Dutta Dangde (Age 19 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
8. Sagar Gyandev Dhaware (Age 20 – Residing in Pimpri – Under extern for 2 years)
9. Pankaj Dilip Pawar (Age 32 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
10. Sonya alias Mahesh Shwensiddha Kamble (Age 21 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)
11. Anand Namdev Danane (Age 31 – Residing in Chinchwad – Under extern for 2 years)