Craft your life by journaling” says author Rabia Patel who launched her book titled “365 DAYS 365 STORIES”

Rabia Patel with Freinds
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Mumbai, 04 May 2022: Rabia Patel’s book  365 DAYS 365 STORIES is a compilation of stories of different men, women from various strata of society who have overcome difficulties and challenges and set an example. Rabia Patel says “So many treasures lie within the ordinary experiences of your everyday life. The impact of your legacy can be deeply felt by those close to you: those to whom you imparted words of wisdom and those who learned first-hand by your daily examples. Your legacy can be known by a handful of people or by just one person. Crafting your life story can enable you to appreciate where you have been and where you are today. Looking back on your life can be a healing process, leaving you feeling more fulfilled than ever”

She is currently working on her third book “Story Untold”