CSIR-NCL conducts a Demonstrative Lecture under CSIR DST Vigyan Jyoti Program

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Pune, 28th May 2021: Prof YK Vijay, Director of the Center for Innovation in Science Teaching (CIST) at the IIS University, Jaipur, gave away a lecture on ‘The effect of Force: Equilibrium and Motion.’ Dr BLV Prasad, Chair of Physical and Materials Chemistry Division at the CSIR-NCL, delivered the opening remarks.

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, organized a virtual event under Jigyasa Program’s Vigyan Jyoti Lecture Series. The program introduced by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India is aimed to encourage the girl students to take an interest in science and pursue careers in STEM subjects.

Prof Vijay delivered a demonstrative lecture by giving the attendees a tour of Innovation Hub in his Lab. Here, he showed a complete set-up of different experiments and explained certain scientific and physical phenomena. This virtual tour was elaborative, through which he described the working and functions of specific interesting innovations and apparatus. Some of the eye-catching innovations in his lab included an aeroplane that flew in circular motion based on the principle of Centrifugal Force. A pulley built in such a way that it could allow even children to lift heavy weights with ease.

After the lab tour, Prof Vijay gave a detailed presentation on ‘The effect of force: Equilibrium and Motion’ with a virtual demonstration. With an introduction to basic fundamental forces, he gradually moved into the details using suitable experiments. He demonstrated a Magnetic Oscillator experiment to explain to the viewers about the Magnetic Newton’s Cradle. He also presented an experiment based on Atomic Configurations and how it is related to force and equilibrium. Another part of this lecture included the explanation of different forms of fundamental energies through practical demonstrations. The ‘Linear Airtrack Dynamic’ that he demonstrated towards the end of the event caught many students’ eye since it staged an interesting movement caused due to magnetic force. He also explained the Bohr orbital and coupled oscillator concept through the working model of the Raman Effect.

Prof. Vijay took questions from some of the students and offered them an opportunity to register their queries through his email or call and invited them to visit his Innovation Laboratory. Earlier, Dr Wafia Masih, Coordinator of the program, welcomed the speakers and the audience. She also informed them of the purpose and importance of the Vigyan Jyoti program and some of the activities for the upcoming programs under the Vigyan Jyoti Scheme.

Dr BLV Prasad embarked upon the importance of scientific temperament among young students while delivering the opening remarks. He also praised the efforts of the Jigyasa initiative in promoting scientific temperament through various events. He explained the importance of being curious about things and approaching science with a practical based attitude.

Dr Prasad gave an example of the great scientist Michael Faraday and said that Faraday could become great only because of his curiosity. The event was attended by more than 250 students, teachers and principals from different Navodaya Vidyalayas across Maharashtra. It received a positive and enthusiastic response from the students, who also showed immense interest in getting an opportunity to visit Prof. Vijay’s Innovation Lab at Jaipur. The virtual event was wrapped up with a vote of thanks by Dr Wafia.