Daund: 150-Year-Old Idol Of Lord Shiva Found In Bhima River

Lord Shiva idol found Bhima river in Daund
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Mrunal Jadhav
Pune, December 28, 2020: A 150-year-old stone idol with the face of Lord Shiva has been found near the longest railway bridge in the Bhima river basin. The idol is five feet tall and weighs around one ton.

About 150 years ago, the British built a stone bridge for the Daund-Ahmednagar railway line. The foundation stone of the second railway bridge is currently under construction. The idol was found in a pit during the excavations at the site on Saturday. Workers with the help of JCB machine kept this idol aside.

According to locals, the idol has come there due to the flow of water. However, due to its heavyweight, it cannot move easily. Some experts believe it belongs to this place. The face of the idol has been found and other parts are expected to be found in the same area.

Ravindra Jadhav, a retired irrigation engineer, says that no matter how large the flow of water is, an idol weighing 1 ton cannot be carried from a long distance. Even if the idol is carried by water it will dislocate from a very close distance. The Bhima River has not been flooded in the last two years. Therefore this idol belongs to this place.