Devendra Fadnavis Discloses Details of Pune Porsche Incident in Maharashtra Assembly’s Monsoon Session

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Mumbai, 28th June 2024: Last month, the Porsche incident in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, put the city in the national spotlight, especially heating political debates. There have been claims about the minor accused receiving VIP treatment and blood samples being swapped. Some of these claims have been proven, while others remain unresolved. Opposition parties allege that the Maharashtra State Government is favouring the minor accused. Today, in the monsoon session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Mahavikas Aghadi MLA Suresh Prabhu from Shiv Sena (UBT) raised this issue. Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis addressed several questions regarding the incident.

Devendra Fadnavis explained the chronology of events: “This issue is serious. The incident happened on 19th May 2024, at around 2:30 AM. The minor accused was caught by a mob after the incident and was somewhat beaten. He was taken to Yerawada Police Station, where a case was registered against him. Initially, the police registered the case under IPC Section 304A (Death by Negligence). However, senior officers visited the police station and directed that the case should be registered under IPC Section 304 (Punishment for Culpable Homicide Not Amounting to Murder) instead. Hence, on that same day, the diary was updated to reflect a case of IPC 304.”

Fadnavis informed the Assembly, “In the application filed before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), the plea is presented. It has been found that the concerned boy is involved in the crime and has committed the act recklessly. His date of birth is 14th September 2006, making him 17 years and 8 months old. Considering his age, the police have requested that he be treated as an adult in the application.”

Fadnavis continued, “After the Nirbhaya incident, those who are above 17 years and commit a crime in cold blood can be tried as adults according to the law. Accordingly, this demand was made to the JJB. Everyone knows what punishment was given to him after that. Immediately after, the police filed an appeal. The court told the police they have a right to review. When we petitioned the JJB for that, they reversed their earlier decision and granted custody to the accused.”

Fadnavis revealed, “A blood sample of the accused was taken. The police found something fishy when the report showed that the minor’s blood was not alcohol-positive. They inspected the DNA of his father, the minor, and the blood sample sent for inspection. It did not match. The police swiftly took action and arrested the concerned doctors. It was found that one of them had swapped the blood sample for a bribe of Rs 3 lakh.”

Fadnavis said, “The first charge sheet was filed, and a crash impact analysis was done. When the minor applied the brakes, the locked speed was 110 km/h, indicating he was driving very fast. CCTV footage from his house, the bar where he first drank alcohol, and another bar he visited has been seized. So, there is no lack of evidence anywhere.”

Home Minister Fadnavis continued, “Action has also been taken against the minor accused’s father. The father was prosecuted for allowing his son to drive when he was not an adult. Action has also been taken against the bar owners and employees. The grandfather forced the family driver to take the blame for the crime. However, the police did not believe the driver. The grandfather even locked the driver in the house for a day in an attempt to coerce him into taking the blame. A case of kidnapping has been registered against the father and grandfather, who are still in custody.”

Where Did the Police Go Wrong?

Fadnavis also acknowledged that the police made mistakes. He said, “The first mistake was when the minor accused was brought to the police station at 3 AM; we should have swiftly sent him for medical tests. Instead, he was sent for tests at 8:30 AM. Secondly, in cases like this, typically Section 304A of the IPC is invoked. However, at that time, seniors should have intervened earlier, but they didn’t. Following that, they directed the police officials to register the crime under IPC Section 304. The officials responsible for not handling the situation properly were also suspended.”

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Concludingly, Home Minister Fadnavis said, “In the Pune area, action has been taken against 70 pubs. The licenses of these pubs, which violated license terms and conditions, have been cancelled. Cameras have been installed at these locations to monitor closing times and to ensure age verification when serving alcohol. It has been mandated to check age proof upon admission; failure to do so may result in license cancellation and criminal charges.”