Discos and Pubs in Pune Under Scrutiny: License Threats For Violating Regulations; Crime Branch Examines CCTV Footage

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Pune, 7th February 2024: The Crime Branch personnel initiated an examination of the closing hours of discotheques and pubs on Monday, reviewing the recovered CCTV footage.

Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar, sternly warned against any disturbance due to these establishments, emphasizing a strict adherence to the 1:30 am deadline. Violations will result not only in legal consequences but also in the initiation of license cancellation procedures. Kumar stressed the direct and indirect impact these establishments have on crime and societal discipline.

Approximately 35 such establishments are spread across areas like Baner, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, and Kharadi. The Police Commissioner emphasized that these venues must comply with regulations, including refraining from playing loud music and adhering to closing deadlines. Any deviation from the terms and conditions outlined in their licenses will result in legal action.

Teams examining the CCTV footage will specifically analyze the timing of the last service of meals/drinks to customers and the closure of shutters. Addressing citizen complaints, a senior police officer revealed that the police control room regularly receives calls reporting loud music from pubs, with some patrons causing disturbances on roads after becoming intoxicated.

The officer noted that incidents of fights and even rash driving involving customers at these establishments have been reported. The comprehensive review aims to ensure the responsible operation of discotheques and pubs, maintaining public order and safety.