Discover Asia through an aerial lens, only on HISTORY TV18

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Asia, the largest continent on Earth is also the most beautiful. If you think the myriad apps floating in the digital space have showcased all the views possible, you’re in for a sweet surprise. HISTORY TV18 brings breathtaking glimpse of Asia and India with Aerial Asia premiering on 20th October at 10PM.

Aerial Asia, brings mesmerizing views across Asia’s most massive metropolises. In this completely aerial series, get a bird’s eye view of the color soaked subcontinent of India, the coral gardens and menacing volcanoes of Indonesia, Malaysia’s rolling rainforests and many more.

Out of the 6 episodes that will be showcased, a couple of special episodes will be dedicated to Olympic hosts, Japan and South Korea. This series will show you the continent like you’ve never seen it before! Gear up to meet 60 percent of the world’s population from the skies and witness this mesmerizing continent like never before.

Tune into HISTORY TV18 20th October onwards every Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM on.