Driver Swap Attempt To Save Minor In Porsche Accident Case – Pune Police Commissioner

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Reported by Mubarak Ansari & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 24th May 2024: In a shocking revelation, Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar today disclosed that evidence tampering occurred in the Porsche fatal accident at Kalyani Nagar involving a minor.

Our investigation has revealed that there was an attempt to change the driver of the car in this incident. This act constitutes tampering with evidence, and those involved will be booked under Section 201 (destroying evidence) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC),” Kumar stated during a press conference at the Police Commissioner’s Office.

The accident happened around 2:30 am on Sunday, May 19, when a minor drove his father’s unregistered Porsche at over 160 km/h after consuming alcohol at two pubs, Cosie and Blak Club. The car struck a bike, resulting in the deaths of two IT engineers near Landmark Garden Society on Kalyani Nagar – Airport Road.

“There were a total of four people in the Porsche when the accident took place. One of them was driving. There were two other children and one was the driver. Also, in the pub where the party took place, 10-12 other people were there. The statement of the driver in this is important and it will be taken into consideration,” said Pune Police Commissioner.

“After the incident, a case under Section 304A was initially registered at the police station. However, due to the severity of the incident, the charge was upgraded to Section 304. On the same day, we requested the Juvenile Justice Board to treat the accused as an adult, but our request was not accepted at that time. Subsequently, we decided to escalate the matter to a higher court. Additionally, cases have been registered against the parents of the accused boy and the pub owners, and they have been arrested. We also requested the Juvenile Justice Board to send the accused boy to the Juvenile Correctional Home. This request was later accepted, and the accused has been sent to the Juvenile Correctional Home for 14 days,” said Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar.

Commissioner Kumar highlighted a mishandling of the case and negligence by staff at Yerawada police station. “We have obtained all the CCTV footage, and action will be taken against the erring staff,” he said. Additionally, Kumar mentioned that the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Hadapsar Division is investigating the events at Yerawada Police Station.

Further alarming details emerged that the police inspector and assistant police inspector at the accident scene did not report the incident to the police control room. They also failed to inform senior officials, including the Deputy Commissioner of Police for Night Rounds, the Zonal DCP, the Additional Commissioner, and the Commissioner of Police, Kumar said.

This concealment has raised serious questions about their motives, prompting a stir within the police department.

Commissioner Kumar assured that necessary action would be taken. He confirmed that MLA Sunil Tingre had visited the police station following the accident.

Additionally, it was revealed that the first blood sample of the accused was not taken until 9 am, hours after the incident. This delay has raised concerns about the handling of the case and the integrity of the investigation. “The blood report of the accused in this incident has not been received. Initially, a blood sample was taken. After that, a blood sample was taken for the second time. We request the forensic lab to verify whether both blood samples belong to the accused or not. We have the CCTV footage of the accused drinking alcohol. The investigation is ongoing through the CCTV footage. Investigation into what happened at Yerawada police station is also ongoing. Also, the accused was aware that his act would cause an accident. The police are thoroughly investigating each incident in this case,” said Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar.

“The parent of the accused allowed the minor to drive the car, which is also under investigation, and there are allegations of delay in taking action or mismanagement in this case. However, we assert that the police are following the law in such incidents. It is not correct to say that there was a delay in this or that someone managed it. Why was Section 304 not imposed in the beginning, and was the accused given pizza to eat? The investigation is ongoing in this regard,” said the police commissioner.

The Pune Police Commissioner further stated, “Procedures are underway with the Juvenile Justice Board to take the accused into cognizance. As the police custody of the father of the accused ends today, we are going to produce him again in court. All these cases are being investigated sensitively. Was there an attempt to destroy evidence in this case? It is under investigation. By diligently pursuing this matter, we are striving to deliver justice swiftly and penalize the accused. We are taking measures to present the right side in court in this case.”