Eased Difficulties For Obtaining Permission For Petrol Pumps, Dhabas, Resorts Along Highways: PWD Minister Ashok Chavan

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Pune, 9th November 2021: New procedures have been introduced to allow private establishments like petrol stations, service stations, resorts, hotels, dhabas etc. to construct access roads on state roads, major district roads etc. This approach has eased the difficulties in obtaining permission for oil companies and other private establishments to build access roads and streamlined the permitting process, resulting in the government’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ concept, said Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan.


Roadside services like petrol pumps, resorts, hotels, dhabas feel the urgency of access roads on national highways, state highways, major district highways, etc. Permission proposals for that route were being scrutinized as per the provisions of 2003 circular issued by the Indian Road Congress and the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


According to the circular of the Central Government’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, dated 26th June 2020, new instructions have been issued to service stations, resorts, hotels, dhabs including petrol pumps for the construction of access roads on national highways.


These instructions were issued by the Public Works Department in a circular dated September 4, 2020, However, since these instructions are for national highways only, there were difficulties in implementing those state highways, major district highways, and hence, it was urgent to scrutinize the access road access proposals at the regional level.


The government had received complaints from oil companies, people’s representatives and others. To address this issue, Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan took the initiative to set up a three-member committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Engineer, Regional Division, Pune, to improve the quality of roads in the state in terms of these criteria.


The committee comparatively and thoroughly studied the guidelines of the Central Government, standards of Indian Road, norms prepared by the states of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana, various judgments, suggestions of representatives of oil companies in terms of road safety and smooth transportation system.


Following the report of the committee, the state government has changed the prevailing procedure for permitting construction of access roads on state highways, major district roads, etc. as per the Government Resolution dated 13th October 2021. Public Works Minister Chavan also said that due to this procedure, oil companies and other private establishments will be able to get permission to build access roads through state and district routes.