ED Takes Big Action Against Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Brother-In-Law Shridhar Patankar, 11 Flats In ‘Nilambari’ Apartment In Thane Confiscated

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Thane, 22nd March 2022: Shiv Sena, Congress, and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have been criticizing the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for taking action against the ruling party leaders in the Maharashtra state.



Against this backdrop, the ED has taken major action today (March 22) and confiscated the property of Shridhar Patankar, husband of Rashmi Thackeray and brother-in-law of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. A total of six flats in the ‘Nilambari’ apartment in the Vartak Nagar area of Thane have been confiscated. It is said that the value of these flats and the total confiscated property is around Rs 6.45 crores.



BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has tweeted in this regard and sharply criticized the state government.



“ED has taken action against Uddhav Thackeray’s brother-in-law Shridhar Patankar in a financial malpractice case. The scam has taken place through shell companies and the ED has taken action to seize the assets. We will not let go of scammers”, tweeted Kirit Somaiya.



Nandkishore Chaturvedi is an entry operator through whom a loan of Rs 30 crore was transferred to Saibaba Grihanirmiti Pvt Ltd through shell companies. It is said that these 11 flats were purchased with the same money. Also, in the future, Shridhar Patankar is also expected to be interrogated through ED.



Meanwhile, the ED has provided information on what exactly the case is. Today, 11 flats purchased by Shri Saibaba Grihanirmiti Pvt. Ltd. through Pushpak Bullion, a company of Pushpak Group, have been seized from ED. Saibaba Grihanirmiti Pvt. Ltd. is a company owned by Shridhar Patankar.



Case filed in 2017!


Earlier, the ED had filed a case against Pushpak Bullion and Group of Companies on March 6, 2017, for financial misconduct. Also, it is reported that earlier, assets worth Rs 21 crore 46 lakh belonging to the group were also seized.



Mahesh Patel of Pushpak Group transferred funds of Rs 20.02 crore to Nandkishore Chaturvedi’s shell companies. He then transferred a total of Rs. 30 crores to another shell company transferred to Shri Saibaba Housing Pvt. Ltd. in the form of an unsecured loan through Humsafar Dealers Pvt. Ltd




Therefore, the funds received from Mahesh Patel were invested in real estate through Saibaba Grihanirmiti Pvt. Ltd. ED suspects that 11 flats in Nilambari apartment in Thane were purchased with the same money.