Election symbols dominated by digital instruments, 198 free symbols available for candidates  

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Mumbai, Mar 31:

The number of symbols distributed to independent candidates other than national and state level political parties, has been doubled this time. 198 free election symbols have been declared and they have the dominance of digital instruments.

The symbols of national and state level parties are reserved. In 2014 election there were 87 free symbols out of them some were dropped and adding some new ones 198 free symbols are made available to such independent candidates. They can select from among these symbols. These symbols are distributed to candidates as per the Election Symbols (Reservation and Distribution) Order, 1968 for the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections in a prescribed format.

Articles in daily use, personal things, communication means, fruits, vegetables, kitchen articles, games, agriculture field, construction sector, modern computer era means etc. are included in the free symbols by the election commission to preserve its all encompassing character.

Mixture of old and new in free symbols

The sand watch of old times, crushing wheels, gramophone, typewriter, diesel pump to modern day laptops, computer mouse, CCTV camera, pen drive, robot, headphone etc. old and new things are included in the free election symbols.

Personal use articles are included

Articles required in our daily use like toothbrush, tooth paste, razor, soap case, chappal, shoes, socks, pillow, etc. are also included in the symbols list.

Inclusion of Helmet to give message of safety

Helmet is also included in the free symbols to give the message of personal safety of the two-wheeler drivers by the election commission.

Farming and farmers

These symbols include sugar cane growing farmer, coconut garden, diesel pump, tractor driving farmer, tiller, well etc. to enforce the importance of farming in our life.

Kitchen articles

Gas cylinder, refrigerator, mixer, pressure cooker, hundi, kadhai, frying pan, glass tray, cup-saucer, tea sieve, capsicum, green chilies, ladies finger, ginger, green peas, fruit basket, apple, grapes, pears, jackfruit, pineapple, walnuts, biscuits, bread, cake etc. things used in the kitchen have found their way into the election symbols for the independent candidates.

In addition to this rickshaw, truck, helicopter, ship, and other water and road transport means, building material like bricks, saw, lock and key, sports material like bat, chess board, carom board, football, ludo, stumps, hockey stick and ball, tennis racket and ball, besides cricket baller, football player, pearl necklace, diamond, ring, musical instruments like harmonium, sitar, violin, are also included in free election symbols.