Enjoy a medley of authentic global flavours with CCD’s new ‘International Burger Carnival’

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Introduces a range of appetizing variants to satiate youth’s love for burgers!

Mumbai, January, 2016 – Who doesn’t love a good burger? And who wouldn’t love two yummy burgers of different global flavours on a single plate?!! That is exactly what Café Coffee Day’s (CCD) delicious new menu addition is all about. Burgers in authentic flavours that is juicy and mouth–watering and promises to be epic! The special menu aptly called ‘International Burger Carnival’ introduces a range of six scrumptious burgers in different irresistible international flavours that will take you on a trip around the world just through your tastebuds!

Burgers are one of the most popular food of youngsters in India and worldwide. It hasn’t just seen an evolution in the past few years, but an explosion. No other food has enjoyed anything close to the radical rethinking and re-evaluation that has been applied to burgers. CCD too has experimented with this youth favorite food and introduced a range of burgers, each in a savory international flavour unique only to CCD.

This delicious new menu presents burgers packed with ingredients and seasonings that will leave your taste buds dancing with an explosion of flavours. True awesomeness in every bite! CCD takes youth’s love for international flavours a notch higher with a range of three vegetarian and three non-vegetarian options. The flavours are authentic in its attempt to give one a unique gastronomic experience. The portions come in a serving of two burgers and promises to leave one craving for more.

The vegetarian options are flavoursome. There is Afghan-e-Paneer which brings you authentic Afghani paneer tikka, grilled in butter masala with cheese, onions and lettuce layers into a peri-peri seasoned bun. A bite of Egyptian Falafel will take one back to the Pyramids with its flavourful falafel patty with mozzarella cheese and hummus set in a toasty bun with hot peri-peri seasoning. And ofcourse there is the American Crispy with the traditional crunchy veg patty with cheese, served with tangy red onions, lettuce and chilli salsa topped with nacho chips in a season bun. Every bite of these sliders promises you an escape to different destinations.

Meat lovers can sink their teeth into African Pepper Chicken for that spicy African style food craving. It offers juicy chicken cubes in spicy pepper sauce, topped with tangy red onions and fresh lettuce. Egyptian food lovers can opt for Egyptian Roast. It brings you roast chicken with mozzarella cheese, onions and mayo wrapped in an oven –hot bun straight from spice markets of Egypt.  And for the classic burger lovers, there is the American Classic which will bring alive the Native American spirit in you with its freshly baked bun filled with delightfully crispy chicken patty, crunchy lettuce, onions and creamy mayo.

Speaking on the launch of these exceptional burgers, Venu Madhav, CEO, Coffee Day Global Limited said “CCD lovers know how we strive to create experiences that are both delicious and delightful. After the successful launch of winter beverages, Magical Brews, it is food that takes center stage at CCD. With the youth’s love for burger which is gaining more and more popularity, we bring to them ‘International Burger Carnival’ a range of scrumptious burgers in authentic international flavours that is unlike any other. Whether it’s the Egyptian Falafel or the spicy African Pepper Chicken or the Afghan Paneer, every preparation is crafted to exemplify unique taste. We are sure the young customers of CCD will enjoy our latest offering.”

The amazing ‘International Burger Carnival’ menu starts at just Rs. 110/- with two deliciously juicy burgers served in every plate bringing in great value to the customer. So wait no more…experience the world with your taste buds at CCD! The offerings are being launched across the country in a phase-wise manner.