Event Organizer Accuses Renowned Composers Ajay-Atul of Financial Misconduct in Pune

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Pune, 22 April 2024: In a significant turn of events, music composers Ajay-Atul are facing allegations of financial fraud by Radhika Kulkarni, the organizer of a major concert event at Balewadi Stadium. The controversy erupted following a protest by Kulkarni and her team at Annabhau Sathe Auditorium, where Ajay-Atul were scheduled to appear as chief guests.

Radhika Kulkarni, representing Golden Pyramid Entertainment Company, claims that the musical duo failed to deliver on their promises concerning a highly anticipated concert. The event, which was heavily publicized and featured supposed appearances by top-tier artists alongside Ajay-Atul, fell short of expectations when these artists did not appear. The shortfall in star power significantly impacted ticket sales, leading to substantial financial losses for the organizers.

Further complicating matters, Kulkarni alleges that Ajay-Atul improperly sold broadcast rights for the event to Colors Marathi, falsely representing themselves as the organizers. This action reportedly resulted in considerable revenue for Ajay-Atul while leaving the actual organizers to grapple with financial setbacks and investor dissatisfaction.

The situation led to a public demonstration, sanctioned by police, outside the Firodia Trophy prize distribution program at Annabhau Sathe Auditorium. Protesters, armed with black flags, voiced their discontent and sought to hold Ajay-Atul accountable for their actions.

In response to the alleged misconduct, Golden Pyramid Entertainment Company has initiated legal action against Colors Marathi, seeking redress for the financial damages incurred. The case is currently pending in the Bombay High Court.