Ridhhaan Jaiin’s Vision Comes to Life: RidhzWorld Publishing Launches “Once Upon In Our Minds: Volume 2”

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Pune, 22nd April 2024: What if someone took the responsibility to provide a platform for your children? 10-year-old Ridhhaan Jaiin isn’t just asking the question; he’s providing the answer. Today, RidhzWorld Publishing, founded by Ridhhaan, successfully launched “Once Upon In Our Minds: Volume 2.” This inspiring collection features stories from the winners of an international writing competition designed specifically to uplift and empower young writers.

The initiative began back in 2022 when Ridhhaan, just 8 years old, saw the potential in his peers and decided to do something about it. He sponsored complimentary book publishing through RidhzWorld, giving other talented children a chance to share their voices with the world.

This year, over 500 budding authors aged 5-16, from 12 countries, poured their hearts onto the page. Anonymized judging by esteemed authors and literary experts ensured the selection of the 8 most original and creative stories, hailing from India, Qatar, and the Philippines.

The book launch, held as part of the Enlit Fest literature festival in Pune, was a celebration of young talent. Ridhhaan, along with CEO Radhicka V Jain and Business Head Gayatri Shankar, was joined by distinguished guests Aditi Mukherjee (Principal of Billabong High International School), Sejal Ray (founder of Taare Zameen Par community), Sumita Bajpai (Center Head of Kido International Preschool), Vijaya Chakravarty (Author and Educationist), and Vrushali Barbare (Founder of Enlit Kids). Winners Jaskriti Gadge, Snithik Dekate, Shriyash Chavan, Saloni Kale, Dishita Khera, and Sheena Balasubramanian were honored, with some traveling from as far as Qatar to witness their words transformed into published works.

A second launch on April 27th at Sanjivani International School, Kharghar, will specifically recognize the five student winners from that institution.

Ridhhaan’s vision isn’t stopping here. After the resounding success of “Once Upon In Our Minds,” RidhzWorld is already preparing for Season 3 of the international story writing competition – promising an even grander stage for the imaginations of young writers everywhere.