Every Color of artist’s life is in their paintings!

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Arpita Bhattacharya was an extraordinary artist, charged by a passion which she transformed into creating methodical strokes and lines. The bold outlines filled with primary colors in vibrant shades speak about the courage this young artist had who was also suffering from Cancer.

Arpita left behind an art legacy that takes viewers into the world of a dreamer who clung on to hope. Suffering from a deadly disease and fighting an aggressive tumor for 12 years is something Arpita knew too well. She translated all her inner pain and trauma onto paintings on her palate. Arpita’s tryst with colours started when she was only two years old. She had won many awards for her paintings, including the Nehru Memorial Gold Medal in Shankar’s International Painting competition, although she was not properly trained.

Arpita Bhattacharya’s art depicts none of the sorrow and melancholy that one would associate with such an artist. Her paintings were always an intimate expression of herself, full of life, hope and determination to fight it out.

 She created an extensive collection of paintings which showcased her life’s journey and the pain she underwent showcasing the different shades of women. Arpita was an undying spirit and did not stop painting till her terminal state. She had a dream of expressing her emotions through the strokes of her brush. Inspired by Arpita’s Journey, Arpita’s Foundation for Art & Creative Talents , a Non Profit Organization was started with a strong desire to help and motivate the cancer patients and also to mentor a community which loves art and appreciates creativity. To pay tribute to the remarkably spirited artist, Afact is also releasing a book this month to promote the art therapy and motivate the cancer sufferers in all over the India to engage in some kind of creative arts thus helping them to overcome the depression, anxiety and pain.