Exam Blunder at Pune University: Students Receive Wrong Question Papers for Fourth Semester Economics Re-Exam

Pune University
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Pune, 19th January 2024: Candidates appearing for the fourth-semester re-exam in the Economics subject for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA-LLB) at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) were handed the question paper meant for the third semester on Thursday. The mistake was rectified about an hour later, causing confusion not only among students but also catching colleges off-guard.

According to a student, “SPPU is currently conducting exams for various subjects, including re-exams for law courses. As per the schedule, at 2 p.m. on Thursday, we were present at the exam center for the economics subject of the fourth semester. Soon after the question papers were distributed, students started writing answers. Some were confused about the questions and raised queries with the supervisor.”

Another student mentioned that despite the confusion, some continued writing answers. “After about an hour, the university’s Board of Examination officials contacted the colleges and informed them about the mistake. As the question paper from the third session was given instead of the fourth, it was announced that the revised question paper would be made available.” Students, despite being given an extra hour, expressed their frustration.

Mahesh Kakde, the Director of the Board of Examination and Evaluation at SPPU, explained that the error occurred because the papers were printed outside the SPPU campus. He assured that appropriate action has been taken against those responsible. “This matter was noticed an hour after opening the packet of the question papers. Due to the third-party printer, the distribution process was different. The candidates were given one hour extra, and the exam was completed properly. Due to the same title, the confusion arose,” added Kakde.