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Pune, 03rd February, 2017: Considering the uptick in inbound tourism from Pune, the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala is organizing B2B Roadshows in Pune on 03rd February, 2017. The roadshow desires to attract city’s leading travel agents and tour operators, and showcase to them the best of ‘God’s own country’.

The delegation from Kerala is led by Mr Shine KS – Tourist Information Officer, Department of Tourism, Govt of Kerala and Mr Sajeev KR – Asst: Tourist Information Officer, Department of Tourism, Govt of Kerala, and will comprise major players from the state’s Tourism & Trade industry. Besides forging fresh collaborations, the roadshow will introduce new initiatives, experiences and attractions that Kerala has in store for visitors.

Kerala Tourism: The story so far…

The Marketing Initiatives for the year 2016-17 were formulated and executed based on the keen understanding of the unique appeal that ‘God’s Own Country’ holds for its visitors. The cutting-edge marketing measures adopted by the government have elevated the state to the top-tier of ‘must visit’ destinations around the world. There has been a remarkable increase in the arrival of tourists within a single year as a result of the various initiatives implemented by the Government.

In Sep 2016, foreign tourist arrivals showed an uptick of 5.61% compared to that of Sep 2015.
The domestic tourist arrivals figure in Sep 2016 increased by 6.01% compared to that of Sep 2015
Foreign exchange earnings for the year 2015 was Rs. 6949.88 cr. which recorded an increase of 8.61% over the previous year.
Total revenue (direct and indirect) from tourism in 2015 is Rs 26689.63 cr. showing an increase of 7.25% over the previous year’s figure.

Kerala Tourism attracts more tourists with new initiatives!


Green Carpet Initiative to spark off community involvement.


Launched in September 2016, the Green Carpet Initiative focuses on a 10-point agenda intended to give a facelift to select tourist destinations in the state. The initiative is testimonial to the acknowledgment that concerted efforts are needed to ensure security, cleanliness, hygiene, and scientific waste management methods, apart from offering unique experiences. The initiative emphasized on the need to spark off community involvement in tourism development in the state.


On the trail of the Spice Route…

The Spice Route Revival Project is a key initiative undertaken by the state government. Kerala’s endeavor to revive and promote, through tourism, the two millennia-old spice route that links the south western coast of India to Europe, has received a boost with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) pledging support to the venture.

In September, Kerala’s local spice markets amazed those who normally amaze people with their culinary genius. 17 teams of chefs preparing for the Spice Route Culinary Festival scoured Kochi’s traditional markets to pick up ingredients for the competition. They effused about how thrilling the sights, smells and sounds of the market were; even likening it to ‘arriving in paradise’.

The festival itself unfolded on a high note. Leading chefs from 15 countries dazzled the crowds with the most exotic and delectable dishes – inspired no doubt by the historic Spice Route. Each team was an ambassador of their respective country’s culture and cuisine; collectively they gave the ambitious Spice Route Revival Project a global platform and springboard.

The four-day celebration came to a close with the prize distribution – the French team taking the biggest honours, with duos from Egypt and Thailand also making the winner’s list. Giving a boost to exponents of local cuisine, top teams in the ‘Kerala Chef’ competition were also felicitated. 




Kochi Muziris Biennale

Kochi Muziris Biennale is an international contemporary art festival that has rendered Kerala the tag ‘Land of Biennale’. The state tourism department allotted a whopping Rs 7.5 crore to promote the third edition of the Biennale. The event is a stellar example of community participation in developing the state’s tourism sector. The Biennale helped to create a unique economic zone during the time of crisis due to demonetization, when the state faced a dip in tourist arrivals.