Extraordinary Nanny Earns Staggering Rs 48 Lakh Per Month Caring for Billionaires’ Children

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Global, 31st May 2023: In a world where the ultra-rich seek the best for their children, Gloria Richards, a 34-year-old nanny, has found herself in a remarkable position. Alongside her off-Broadway performances, Richards spends her days tending to the offspring of billionaires. In a recent interview with CNBC, she shared the fascinating aspects of her job, which comes with an astonishing daily salary of $2,000 (equivalent to ₹1.6 lakh).

Beyond the hefty paycheck, Richards enjoys extravagant perks that accompany her role. Traveling the globe in private planes with all expenses covered is just one of the many luxuries she experiences. Remarkably, caring for the children of billionaires accounts for a significant 80% to 90% of her annual income.

Elaborating on her role, Richards clarifies that nannying for the ultra-rich is not solely about childcare. In fact, a major part of her responsibilities revolves around managing the intricate school and social schedules of the children. She vividly recalls being introduced to her young charge moments before embarking on a private jet flight to the tropical paradise of Barbados.

The compensation for her services is truly extraordinary. In exchange for working 12 to 15 hours per day, Richards is rewarded with a staggering $2,000. Moreover, she gets to traverse the globe on private aircraft and yachts, drives luxurious vehicles like Porsches and Teslas while on duty, and even attends toddler birthday parties where iPads are distributed as party favors.

Remarkably, Richards has encountered parents who explicitly express their desire for her to raise their children. They openly admit that their main motivation for having kids is to pass on their substantial trust funds. Their expectation is that they will spend quality time with their children after they complete boarding school and reach legal drinking age.

However, working with billionaires comes with its own set of challenges, especially for Richards, who is a Black woman caring for white children. She must navigate cultural sensitivities with great care to avoid jeopardizing her job security.

Additionally, she faces the unpredictable nature of her clients, who may suddenly halt payment to convey their dissatisfaction with her performance. Richards recalls instances where she found herself in Switzerland, only to be informed that she would not be paid for three weeks due to the lack of cash. Such withholding of payment serves as a form of communication from the billionaires, expressing their disapproval.