False News Of Chhota Rajan’s Death Has Shed Light On The Criminal World In Pimpri Chinchwad

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Rohit Athavale

Pimpri, 10th May 2021: The false news of notorious underworld don Chhota Rajan’s death at the AIIMS hospital in Delhi due to Coronavirus disease (COVID19), triggered a sea of messages expressing grief over Rajan’s death on social media. It also featured posts from citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad.


The messages have shed light on the criminal world active in the industrial city. Therefore, there is a need today to find the undercurrent of the underworld in the city, rather than just publicity stunts and press conferences about every detection.


Many posts were being made on Facebook, such as “Nana Bhavpurna Shradhanjali”, “Mama Naman” etc. From this, while seeing who and how many Rajan’s supporters are there, unfortunately, my colleagues from the media felt like giving coverage to the police chief in disguise checking the functioning of the police stations.


It is a tragedy that the connections of many so-called “company connected” people in Pimpri Chinchwad cannot be found even today by the investigating agencies along with the local police. Also, no one in this environment felt that we should play a role in this regard.


Many white collar criminals in the city are still a part of this underworld. Nana’s birthday is also an occasion when many people from the city called on special numbers to greet him. Most importantly, this included bigshots from all walks of life.


The disguise was to gain popularity or to change the system. This will be known in the coming days. However, while doing all this, no one seems to be bothering to check what the ‘shooters’ of some of the people who were caught earlier for underworld-related land deals in the city, kidnappings and murders.


In Pimpri-Chinchwad and its environs, all the investigating agencies across the country conducted raids and caught many wanted persons. Some of them have been a nuisance to the system for many years. While the city continued its fast life, these people were free to call the shots. Now that Corona has calmed down the industrial township, they are sitting at home.


A study of a C-note from a major police station in the city will reveal the records of three suspected terrorists. All three are suspected of direct involvement in terrorist activities or providing logistical support for the operation, and some have been charged with direct involvement in bombings. All three are currently out on bail, and the family of one of them is the force behind a political party in the city.


So there is a real need to disguise the changing lifestyles of these people, their elevated living standards, and most importantly, the dubious construction of a housing complex in a corner of the city that has been going on for the last several years.

   (Rohit Athavale is senior journalist based in Pimpri Chinchwad)





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