Fiticket: One ticket, limitless activities

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Punekar News's photo.Have you got bored with monotonous workout at your gym? Then try Fiticket which is a new kind of fitness membership that provides access to the best gyms and fitness classes in your city! Fiticket members can use multiple gyms and studios with just one monthly membership.

Monotony is a major reason for people to get demotivated from their workouts. Convenience and awareness are two other factors that come into play when someone is looking to pick a workout.

Fiticket looks to break the monotony by adding variety like never before, ensuring convenience and increasing awareness of what’s around them, (location/activity based search option). Apart from solving these problems, all this can be done on the Fiticket App at the click of a button on -the-go.

One can pick any activity from the 2000 activities offered. From basic activities like using the gym and swimming pools, there are a of group classes like yoga, zumba, pilates, crossfit, spinning etc. A variety of dance classes are available such as salsa, jazz, contemporary, tango, and kathak. MMA activities include kickboxing, taekwondo, krav maga, kalaripattayu, judo and tai chi.

Sahil Kukreja, Founder and CEO at Fiticket says, “We have covered more than 600 locations in Mumbai alone and have more than 100 tie ups in Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune which makes it more than 900 tie ups across these cities. Fiticket has grown four fold with 5000 registered users over a period of 45 days. The App offers about 2000 activities in a day and is available on Android and iOS.”

Exciting new premium activities can also be found on Fiticket such as Aerial yoga, surfboard workouts, capoeira, bokwa, trx as well many cardio based group workouts such as cross and functional training, body pump, body combat etc.

The app provides easy on the go access to fitness activities. A user can browse and book their classes via the smartphone app. Currently there is no one in the mobile platform that provides aggregated schedules for users.

Fiticket Experience in a nutshell
– Download Android App or iOS App
– Browse and discover classes
– View class details
– Book with the click of a button
– View venue details and get directions
– Attend the class
– Workout anywhere, anytime
Research shows that doing different forms of exercise provides better results in terms of calorie burn and fat loss as compared to doing the same activity repeatedly. Therefore, people are enjoying the variety and the results!

With Fiticket, there is something for everyone. The busy working professional, the new mom, the college student, the fitness buff, the frequent traveler, the first timer and anyone who’s looking to break the monotony – will all find something that appeals to them. There are all kinds of activities for all levels, and to fit everyone’s schedule.

They have a large variety to choose from and thus can choose activities to suit their level. There are fitness advisors at Fiticket who can help them with the same as well. The same kind of activity of a daily basis is often demotivating, which is why Fiticket provides variety and motivates people. Research also shows that different intensities of exercise burn more calories and fat as compared to the same kind of activity each day.
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