Five must-have smart travel essentials for the summer: Tips by LivTek India

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The summer season has arrived and how! Apart from the sweltering heat, this season brings with it an amazing opportunity to get the family together and head out to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

It does not matter if you are going to be beach-bound for a weekend or travelling somewhere exotic for several weeks, packing for a vacation of any length is never as simple as it seems. Every inch of your suitcase is prime real estate so must pack smart and light, making room for those cheesy souvenirs you know you don’t need, but definitely want. It is easy to forget things in the midst of stressful packing, so here’s a quick little list of smart summer travel essentials by LivTek India to make the packing experience a little easier for you.

Filofax: Planning your most awaited vacation can be exciting, but also very stressful. This is when a Filofax can come in handy – a day planner that will help you to keep it all organized; so do not miss out on any amusement during your fun filled vacation. It is also a great tool to keep a record of your travel experiences -where you visited, where you stayed, which restaurant you ate at, etc.

Monteverde Selfie Pen: A trip is incomplete without pictures. The selfie stick is one of the most popular and handy accessories to take along for a holiday. Gone are the days when you have to have your stretched-out arm in all of your selfies; Monteverde selfie pen synchronizes with your phone or tablet allowing you to remotely take pictures.

Ogon Wallet: Travelers are wary of being pick-pocketed at new destinations. Ogon, RFID impenetrable wallet provides you with a stylish and secure way to carry up to 12 essential credit and identification cards. The sleek design of polished aluminum is the modern alternative to the traditional leather wallet, and it can be reused and recycled. Guarded with RFID blocking technology, your valuable information will be kept safe and protected from electronic pick-pockets. Compact, sturdy, and lightweight; this wallet fits perfectly in a man’s jacket or back jean’s pocket, as well as in any ladies’ handbag.

Smart Travel Suitcase: Luggage is your most important component of your travel. With most airlines charging hefty fees for overweight bags, traveling light has become a necessity. Many luggage companies have developed lightweight bags that remain durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

A light-weight Portable Power bank: Depending on your travel itinerary, it could even be days before you can charge your phone at regular wall socket. Solution – keep a lightweight power bank in your bag that is not too bulky to carry around.