Football Size Fatty Tumor Removed From Dog In Pune

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Pune, 28th August 2022: A team led by Dr Narendra Pardeshi, India’s leading Vet Surgeon from Small Animal Clinic successfully performed a minimally invasive surgery to remove a 3-4 kg fatty mass from the 12.5-year-old dog’s shoulder and chest area. Milo(dog) recovered within 6 hours of the surgery and can move freely now.

Bajwa family based in Khadki, Pune panicked when Milo didn’t show any interest in his day-to-day activities. “Considering Milo’s age, he has many health issues such as tick fever, and hip dysplasia in hind legs and could walk only with support. He was treated with PRP therapy for hip displacia and recovered well. He was also treated with laser therapy for huge bleeding warts on the body. Initially, the tumor was like a nodule size for the last 3 years and did not cause any problem. We did a biopsy last year but there was no abnormality seen in the report. But, the lump became bigger recently like a shape of a football, and was becoming very heavy. We were shocked, tensed, and worried at the same time. However, we consulted Dr Narendra Pardeshi who performed a timely surgery on Milo,” said Milo’s pet parent Sushma Bajwa.


Dr Narendra Pardeshi, India’s leading Vet Surgeon from Small Animal Clinic said, “Milo was in serious discomfort due to the big fatty tumor. On arrival , because of such a hugh tumor on back he was not able to get up n walk due to its big 3-4 kg size of tumor

We did chest x ray n needle biopsy to check if any metastasis in body ,if it would have been cancerous, it would have spread to other areas of the body. A lipoma can be described as a benign mass made of fat cells and is a common occurrence in geriatric dogs as they age. There is no definite cause for lipoma in dogs and can be of different shapes and sizes. The tumor is soft and can move under the skin. It can be found in just about any spot on (or in) a dog, or on the abdomen and chest.”

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Dr Pardeshi added, “Normally, the big lump has to be removed by giving a 6-8 inch cut. But, we performed a rare minimally invasive lipoma surgery by using a Co2 insufflator n using morcellator for tumor removal by cutting only 1.5 cm. Laparoscopic minimum invasive surgery of lipoma removal of this kind is never been done in world in human or dogs which gives an era for pet owners n veterinarians to look in this angle to remove such big tumor by minimum invasive way. Laparoscope is used to access the internal structure by using a Co2 insufflator. The surgery was conducted under general anesthesia and the tumor weighing about 3 -4 kgs was removed successfully. The procedure lasted for 20 mins as it was done by morcellator as compared to conventional open surgery where it may take 2-3 hrs to complete the surgery.There was minimal blood loss as it was minimal invasive procedure.Milo recovered in 6 hrs and could stand on his feet again. He was already late for operation as owner was scared to operate it as it was big tumor n was scared of surgical procedure due to old age and his cardiac issue .


He was discharged on the same day of operation as it was minimum invasive procedure. Follow up was for 3 days only post operation.


The lump was huge, and there were changes in appearance and texture.There was fluid deposition in his chest that was cleared first and then Milo successfully underwent surgery on August 22, for lump removal. Now, Milo is fine and is walking freely. We thank Dr Narendra Pardeshi and his team Vet assistant Reena Haribhat, Reshma Pujari, and Arpita Mesta for prompt diagnosis and treatment and for saving Milo’s life. He has guided us well and supported us in taking care of Milo,” concluded Sushma Bajwa.

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