Foreign tourists forced to do push-ups as punishment for not wearing face masks

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Indonesia, January 21, 2021: During the COVID-19 pandemic, all around the world, people were punished for flouting COVID-19 guidelines. In the Indonesian resort island of Bali, tourists were given unusual punishment for not wearing face masks.

Foreign tourists were made to do push-ups for flouting COVID-19 guidelines. Indonesia had suffered a raging extent of the COVID-19 pandemic last year due to which the authorities had made it compulsory to wear face masks.

However, in a video which went viral on social media this week, it was seen that foreign tourists were made to do push-ups in sweltering heat while the official kept an eye on them.

Security official Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara said that a significant number of foreigners had been caught not wearing masks despite the rules. About 70 people had to pay the fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7) while 30 others said that they did not have cash. Therefore, those who did not have cash were made to do push-ups instead.

People who weren’t carrying masks were made to do 50 push-ups while those who were wearing it improperly were made to do 15. Apart from foreigners, some Indonesians have also been made to go through this unusual punishment. Bali’s authorities have also declared to throw out foreign tourists if they are found violating COVID-19 guidelines. However, no such case has been reported so far.

The island of Bali is closed for overseas tourists but foreigners or people living in Indonesia can visit the place.

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