Forum for IT Employees (FITE) stand about 2019 General Election

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Like any other trade union that struggles for and fights for employee rights, FITE has members who may belong to or vote for any political party. This is the meaning of democracy in a trade union.

Every election is important for the citizens of this country; the upcoming general election is highly critical as the journey of IT employees over the past 5 years has been full of turmoil.

Vasumathi R, president, All India Forum for IT Employees (FITE), said, “I cannot forget the incidents in which employees were forced to resign with bouncers standing by, and how every suicide was explained away as a personal decision. We don’t even have data on early deaths happening among IT employees. To stop all this, we have the responsibility of choosing a government that understands the importance of the IT industry, its future and the rights of employees. FITE strongly believes that we cannot win the rights of IT employees without the support of the government and that of the political parties. For this reason, we have been approaching the major political parties, discussing our problems and their solutions, and handed over our demands as well. We have already published our demands on our website. We emailed our demands to parties that didn’t give us appointments.”