Four Additional Family Courts To Be Set Up In Pune: Cabinet Decision

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Pune, 14th June 2023: In a recent cabinet meeting of Maharashtra state government held in Mumbai on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, several important decisions were made to address various issues and implement development measures across different sectors. The decisions are aimed at providing immediate relief to farmers, improving social justice, enhancing education opportunities, boosting animal husbandry, ensuring better access to justice, and supporting the welfare of marginalized communities.

Here is a summary of the key decisions:

Immediate Relief for Rain-Affected Farmers: The Department of Relief and Rehabilitation has received approval for a relief package of 1500 crore rupees to provide immediate assistance to farmers who have been adversely affected by incessant rains. This move is expected to alleviate their hardships and help them recover from the losses incurred.

Remuneration Increase for Contractual Gram Sevak: The Village Development department has decided to raise the remuneration of contractual Gram Sevak. They will now receive a monthly salary of 16,000 rupees, recognizing their contributions to local development and encouraging their continued dedication.

Revised Subsistence Allowance for SC Students: The Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance has undertaken a center-wise revision of the subsistence allowance for Scheduled Caste (SC) students. This decision aims to ensure that SC students receive adequate support and resources to pursue their education without financial constraints.

Scholarship Boost for Class V and VIII Students: To encourage more students from class V and VIII to pursue education, the School Education and Sports Department has increased the scholarship amounts. This step is intended to incentivize and empower young learners, enabling them to access quality education.

Establishment of Animal Disease Diagnosis Laboratory: Recognizing the importance of animal health and welfare, the Department of Animal Husbandry has decided to establish an animal disease diagnosis laboratory in Latur. This facility will play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing diseases among animals, thereby safeguarding their well-being and supporting the agricultural sector.

Expansion of Family Courts: Four additional family courts will be set up in Pune, as per the decision of the Department of Law and Justice. This move aims to enhance access to justice for families dealing with legal matters and streamline the judicial process.

Extension of Additional and Fast Track Courts: The Department of Law and Justice has decided to extend the duration of additional courts and fast track courts by two years. This decision is expected to expedite the resolution of pending cases and improve the efficiency of the judicial system.

Rehabilitation Home Scheme for Mentally Ill Persons: The Disabled Welfare Department has introduced the Rehabilitation Home Scheme for mentally ill individuals. This initiative aims to provide a supportive and caring environment for those with mental health issues, ensuring their well-being and integration into society.

Income Limit Increase for Housing Provision to Freedom Fighters:
In recognition of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters, the Revenue Department has raised the family monthly income limit. This adjustment will allow more freedom fighters and their families to be eligible for land provision for housing, honoring their contributions to the nation.

Establishment of Additional Collectorates: The Revenue Department has decided to set up Additional Collectorates in Chimur and Shirdi. This move aims to improve administrative efficiency, streamline governance, and enhance public service delivery in these regions.


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