Fourth edition of WARMCAMP International Military Psychology Conference held. in Pune 

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Pune 17

August 2018 : The fourth edition of “WARMCAMP International Military Psychology Conference” was held in Pune from 11 to 14 August at Hotel Sagar Plaza The conference included workshops and paper presentations followed by three key notes including those of Jacques Gouws Military Psychologist Canada , Dr Merle Parmak Military Psychologist and advisor NATO and Dr Gauri Kadam HoD psychology at Dr DY Patil College Pimpri . This year’s conference was centered around the theme Resilience . Two books written by Lt Col Dr Samir Rawat including Cadet Diary and Stress and Resilience in the military were released during the conference .

“WARMCAMP International Military Psychology Conference” has been conceptualised by Lt. Col. Dr Samir Rawat, PhD, Combat Veteran, Mention-in-Despatches (Kargil), Indian Armed Force’s First Home Grown Military Psychologist. The main aim of the conference is to stress on the importance of military psychology and its application in context of challenges to soldiers on the war front as well as stabilising the home front for the soldier by building strong resilient military families. In all events not only is the soldier affected, but their spouses back home and their children also undergo tremendous pressures. The motive was to help our personnel bounce back from stressful events and help their spouses back home cope with the pressure of single-handedly running a family. With a view to stabilise the home front for the soldier by building
resilient military families, the sole objective of WARMCAMP has been to
connect between experimental learning at ground zero of military
environment on one hand and evidence based scientific academic research on the other.

Some of the topics deliberated included combat stress , post traumatic stress , disability stress , communication traps , crisis management , complexities of soldiering in assymetric warfare , Resilience etc . The first three editions of the conferences were held in Pune in 2015 and Jaipur in 2016 and again in Pune in 2017 .

Lt. Col. Dr Samir Rawat said ‘my aim is to create pool of resources that can serve the Armed Forces and the PMF in form of psychologists with certain competencies that will facilitate in serving those who serve the Nation . Wounds on the surface are simpler to manage; the psychological impact that military operations have on a soldier is often ignored and precipitates mental illness in the individual affected if appropriate interventions not factored in before, during and after exposure to combat. Psychology is gaining currency all over the world, with terror attacks happening everywhere.

Dr Rawat added that whether during war or post war, Military Psychology is gaining prime importance and should be developed as a separate stream; he hoped that realising the need, colleges and Universities would soon offer undergraduate and post graduate courses in military psychology.Col. Rawat has also presented a paper on this subject in a similar conference in Portugal couple of years back and recently returned from Romania where he was invited by the Romanian Armed Forces to conduct a training workshop for their officers and military psychologists.