Fraudsters Trick IT Professional in Pune, Make Away with Rs 38.4 Lakh

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Pune, 2nd May 2023: A tale of deceit and trickery has emerged in Wadgaonsheri, where a 32-year-old IT professional claims to have been defrauded of a staggering Rs 38.4 lakh in just two days. The victim, a budding techie, was lured into the fraudulent trap by the cunning scammers, who dangled a carrot of substantial earnings by doing simple online work.

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The trap was set on April 4 when the victim received a text message on her mobile phone. It promised her extra income for part-time work like writing internet evaluations or liking online videos. As a seeker of an easy way to earn extra bucks, the techie fell into the scammer’s honey trap and began doing small online tasks.


On the first day, the victim received payment from the fraudsters, and it seemed too good to be true. It was only over the next two days that the sinister plot began to unravel. The scammers demanded more money from her to pay taxes and upgrade her account, promising more earnings through her part-time work. The unsuspecting victim, lured into a new scheme of earning more money, consented to their proposal and deposited a whopping Rs 38.4 lakh into the account provided by the crooks.


After transferring the money, the victim requested a higher payment from the fraudsters, but they continued to demand more money. It was only then that she realized she had been swindled. The victim approached the cyber police station, and the authorities have written a letter to the bank to freeze the account, successfully recovering Rs 8 lakh.