Gandre emerges most expensive player at PYC- Vijay Pusalkar PYC Premier League 2023

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Pune, December 4: Harshal Gandre emerged as the most expensive player at the auction of the 10th Edition of “PYC- Vijay Pusalkar PYC Premier League 2023”, auctions held in the Community Hall.

Mr. Sarang Lagu, Hon Secretary of PYC Hindu Gymkhana said that, Mr. Vijay Pusalkar will be the Title sponsor for the event. He has been sponsoring the event for the last 6 year in a row. Hodek has also been associated with this event for the last 6 years as a Co-Sponsor. Belvalkar Housing Ltd, Chaphalkar Karandikar Developers, Supreme Constro Products, Navitas Genset Pvt. Ltd Sujanil will be the Associate sponsors.

The team names are as follows: A & A Sharks, Belvalkar Bobcats, GM Typhoons, Kotwal Unikorns, Lifecycle Snow Leopards, Lions, NOK 99 Puneri Bappa, Ovenfresh Tuskers, Pandit Javadekar Dolphins, Rahul WereWolves, Ravetkar Bulls, Royal Stallions,Sathe-Bothara’s Jaguars, Seinumero Cheetahs, Swojas Tigers, TruSpace Knights.

Sathe-Bothara’s Jaguars purchased Harshal Gandre for 8100pts, Ravi Kasat was bought by TruSpace Knights for 5300pts, Prasad Jadhav was bagged by A & A Sharks for 5000pts, Abhishek Tamhane was retained for 4500 pts by Swojas Tigers, Ankush Jadhav for 4500pts by A & A Sharks, Ashwin Shah for 4500pts by GM Typhoons, Akshay Oke for 4500 pts by Lifecycle Snow Leopards, , Harsha Jain for 4500 pts by Lions, Shrinivas Chaphalkar for 4500 pts by Ovenfresh Tuskers, Karna Mehta for 4500 pts by Ravetkar Bulls, Tanmay Chobhe for 4500 pts by Royal Stallions were others expensive players in the action.
Over 210 players were drafted in the auction. A total kitty of Rs 15000/- was given to each of the sixteen teams who had to purchase a minimum 13 players which also included retained players.

On this occasion the Team Colours were unveiled at the Hands of Mr. Kumar Tamhane, President, PYC, Mr. Sarang Lagu, Hon. Secretary, PYC, Mr. Rohan Pusalkar of Pusalkar Group and Mr. Vikas Kakatkar, Former President, Maharashtra Cricket Association. Mr. Vinayak Dravid, Cricket Secretary, PYC, Mr. Shirish Sathe, Mr. Niranjan Godbole, Mr. Siddarth Nivsarkar, Mr. Shirish Apte, Mr. Vikas Achalkar, Mr. Nandan Dongre and Mr. Siddarth Date were present on the occasion.

The event will be played from 9th to 16th June at the PYC Cricket Ground.