Garnier Color Naturals Hair Colors In Three Glamorous Brown Shades For Indian Skin Tones

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Enriched with nourishing olive, almond, avocado oils Garnier Color Naturals hair color offers the best in nourishment and color

Having the right hair color makes a huge difference in the way you look, which is why it is essential to find out the best hair color that suits your skin tone. While there are many available hair colors, finding the right shade that complements every skin tones & personality can be quite tasking. Understanding the need for hair colors that complement every look, Garnier Color Naturals launched a new campaign #OpenUpToBeautifulBrowns with trendy brown shades.

The range gives you four radiant shades of brown to choose from; be it caramel brown, regular brown, coffee brown or the darkest brown, these shades are specially created to suit all Indian skin tones.

The ammonia-free nourishing range of hair colors is enriched with olive, almond, avocado oils making hair shiny, nourished and beautiful. What more? Garnier Color Naturals color lasts longer for upto eight weeks.

Garnier Colour Naturals rich cream formula gives 100% Grey Coverage & locks in color for longer. Its special Conditioner makes hair smooth, silky and shiny. Go find your brown only with Garnier Color Naturals.

Bringing alive the #OpenUp to Beautiful Browns campaign are actresses Taapsee Pannu, Angira Dhar and Neha Sharma

Actresses Taapsee Pannu, Angira Dhar, and Neha Sharma are the new brand ambassadors of Garnier Color Naturals for their latest #Openup to Beautiful Browns campaign. The actresses have distinctly vibrant and strong personalities that resonates perfectly with the brand’s core aesthetics and ethos, bringing alive the spirit and energy of the brand Garnier in its best capacity.

Taapsee Pannu quotes, “I have grown up using Garnier products, and it makes me extremely happy to endorse a brand that I believe in. I’m especially excited to be associated with Garnier Colour Naturals’ campaign #Openup to Beautiful Browns, as the brand has put in a lot of thought to create hair colors that suit all skin tones and fashion trends.”