Go First Cancels Flights Till May 9th Due to Operational Reasons

Go First airlines
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Mumbai, 4th May 2023: Go First airlines has stated that it will be cancelling all its flights scheduled till the 9th of May 2023 due to operational reasons. The cancellation of flights has been acknowledged by the airline as a significant inconvenience caused to its passengers.

Go First has promised to issue a full refund for all the cancelled flights to the original mode of payment shortly. The airline has also assured its passengers that it is committed to providing all the assistance that it can to help them during this time.

The airline has requested passengers to contact its Customer Care Centre on 1800 2100 999 or write to them at [email protected], to let them know how they can be of assistance.

Go First has apologized for the inconvenience caused to its passengers and thanked them for their patience during this time. It remains to be seen how this cancellation of flights will affect passengers who had booked with Go First in the coming days.