GoFirst’s Troubles Leave Passengers in Pune Facing High Fares and Disruptions

Pune airport
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Sumit Singh


Pune, 3rd May 2023: GoFirst, an Indian airline, has caused inconvenience to passengers after cancelling all flights from Pune for May 3 and May 4 due to financial woes and a shortage of aircraft. Affected passengers were left in shock and had to pay double the original airfare for alternative flights. GoFirst’s filing for voluntary insolvency resolution processing has further added to the uncertainty about the company’s future operations.


Passengers from Pune already face high airfares due to limited flight options, and the cancellation of GoFirst flights has only worsened the situation. The airline’s flights have faced cancellations and delays across various sectors in the past 10 days, causing further inconvenience to passengers.




GoFirst operates eight flights from Pune to destinations such as Delhi, Nagpur, and Bengaluru, with Delhi being the most frequented destination. However, the airline has removed its Kolkata flight from the schedule.


Passengers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the airline’s handling of the situation, with some taking to Twitter to voice their grievances.








An official from Pune airport has expressed concern about the future of the airline and the increased number of empty slots that may arise. The official hopes that other airlines will take these slots, but the continued disruptions in SpiceJet flights make the situation even more challenging for passengers.