Government Says Scheme Like ‘Agnipath’ Followed In Various Countries

agnipath scheme
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New Delhi, 15th June 2022: The government is facing a lot of heat after announcing the ‘Agnipath’ scheme for recruitment of youths for four years in the armed forces. A lot of protests are going on across the country.

The demonstrations have turned violent in many places as the protestors are destroying the public properties.
To convince the youth, the government released an informal fact sheet and said that such a scheme is already in place in many countries and does not have any adverse effects.

America has an army of 1.4 million soldiers and recruitments are done there on a voluntary basis. Most soldiers are recruited for four years and if need be, the soldiers are given an extension of four years. These soldiers can also apply for full service and are also eligible for pension and other benefits if they serve 20 years. Soldiers who retire early are given allowance.

Every year 4.5 lakh soldiers are recruited in China. Those recruited on this basis are given an opportunity to serve for two years, out of which a training of 40 days is given. Based on the selection rules, many of these soldiers are also kept in full service. The soldiers who have served two years are given loans at a discount so that they can start their business. Apart from this, they also get tax benefits.

In France, soldiers are recruited here on a contract basis. There are one-year to five-year renewable contracts. The soldiers are given training for three months and those who serve for 19 years get the benefit of pension.

Russia uses a hybrid model of recruitment based on which contracts are entered into the armed forces. Under this, after one year of training, one year service is given. Permanent soldiers are also recruited from these people.These soldiers are also given exemption in admission in universities and given opportunity to study in military institutions.

Israel also has such a rule where everyone is required to serve in the army. Men have to serve at least 32 months and women 24 months. After this service, they are kept in the reserve list and can be called on duty at any time.
These soldiers are given basic training. Of these, 10 per cent are enlisted in the army and are on contract for seven years. A soldier is eligible for pension after at least 12 years of service.