Grand Ash Challenge by NTPC(National Thermal Power Corporation)

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19 DEC 2018 : A Grand Challenge for Ash Utilization Ideas is being conducted (from 1st to 24th December 2018) at PAN India level by NTPC to invite innovative ideas for achieving 100% ash utilization on sustainable basis.

NTPC is India’s largest energy conglomerate with roots planted way back in 1975 to accelerate power development in India. Since then it has established itself as the dominant power major with presence in the entire value chain of the power generation business. From fossil fuels it has forayed into generating electricity via hydro, nuclear and renewable energy sources. This foray will play a major role in lowering its carbon footprint by reducing green house gas emissions. To strengthen its core business, the corporation has diversified into the fields of consultancy, power trading, training of power professionals, rural electrification, ash utilisation and coal mining as well.

Being a Thermal Power Company, coal used is immense. It has 20 coal based stations, byproduct of which that is, ash is to be utilized properly.

There aere multitudes of benefits of utilizing fly ash:
-Cold weather resistance
-High strength gains, depending on use
-Can be used as an admixture
-Considered a non-shrink material
-Produces dense concrete with a smooth surface and sharp detail
-Great workability
-Reduces crack problems, permeability, and bleeding
-Reduces heat of hydration
-Allows for a lower water-cement ratio for similar slumps when compared to no-fly-ash mixes
-Reduces CO2 emissions