Greenhouse growing certainly a means to double the income of farmers – Experts

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In India there is around 50000 Ha area under protected cultivation and precision farming for fresh horticulture and floriculture growing. It is emerging as a lucrative diversification option for traditional farmers and in last 25 years, this industry is providing millions of jobs to the skilled and non skilled farm workers especially women.

Recently, in Pune, the formation meeting of Indian Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (IGMA) was held to discuss the farmers issues and emphasized on their sustainable growth in terms of revenue and employment generation, providing technical support to emerging agri-entrepreneurs and to address the issues related GST which is 18% on greenhouse manufacturing sector. The classification of protected cultivation structure mentioned in GST as pre-fabricated building which is logically not correct as it is made for protecting flowers, plants , fruits and vegetables from climatic damages.

The meeting was attended by several greenhouse fabricators, acc

essories suppliers and technical experts on the subject. On the subject, while giving the presidential address, Vishawas Jogdand, President of IGMA demanded that there should be a uniform and sustainable policy towards greenhouse farming community and the liability of GST should be at par with other agricultural inputs.
To support the green sector initiatives, bollywood celebrity, and green lover Jackie Shroff inaugurated an exhibition in Pune where various outstanding displays of flower decorations, flower plant arrangements, nursery displays and technological advancements were depicted. In recognition of his love for greenery Jackie was presented the Green Lover Award by MB Naqvi, CEO, Media Group, organizers of the exhibition. He expressed his magnanimous appreciation for the vertical gardening concept, the pot arrangements, the various kinds of flowers and flower arrangements as also the various innovative concepts developed by the floriculture industry.

On the occasion, Abhigyan expressed that the exhibition helped in understanding the floriculture and nursery industry much better. This is an area which offers greater employment particularly to womenfolk, he added.

During the exhibition, another major development was presentation of first Flower & Plant Industry Excellence Awards by Indian Conventions. The award has been instituted to accord due recognition to those who have put in their efforts to boost this industry and bring it to the international level that it has attained today. Chief Guest, Abhigyan Prakash distributed awards to 35 experts of the sector.

The exhibition had products from 300 Indian and foreign companies, a visitor footfall of around 18000 and drew tremendous response for the participating exhibitors. The feedback from various participating companies is very encouraging and most of them are interested in repeat participation in the event. The event had displays of various varieties of flowers, plants, tissue culture plants, hydroponics, aquaponics, machinery & equipment, potted plant arrangements and other farm related implements.