Greenwood High students embark on a voyage across the globe through music

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Bangalore, February 07, 2018:Greenwood High students of Bannerghatta campus created a musical extravaganza by taking the audience through an enigmatic journey of mystery, discovery and reality as a part of their annual day celebration. The young pathfinders welcomed all to be part of this dazzling exploration of they call “Trouvaille” and close to a thousand people were present for this event. The charm of the graceful dancers and theatrical performers left every one mystified till the climax of the adventure.

‘Trouvaille’ or ‘a luck find’ started off over thousands of years ago from the land of Egypt to Africa, modern China and finally set foot in India, the land of diversity and eminent leaders. Quoting from Bhagavad Gita, ‘I am the beginning, middle and end of creation’, Louis J Dias, Principal explained the importance of being a responsible being to make this world a better place for the present and future generations. He further added that happiness lies within us how much ever we try seeking it externally.

Speaking on this occasion, Mrs Niru Agarwal, trustee,Greenwood High said, “The charm of the graceful dancers and theatrical performers not only entertained the audience with their immaculate talents, but also left them ruminate the true meaning of existence, inner peace and happiness. Greenwood High has yet again carved a niche for itself and proved their potential by winning accolades from the audience this evening”.