Has Pune Failed As Oxford Of The East?

Pune University
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Pune, 15th August 2021: The Chairman of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) Sudhir Mehta on August 13 wrote on Twitter about how Pune which is called the Oxford of the East is not able to produce innovative leaders and intellectuals and questioned whether the education has failed in creating excellence.

Mehta said, “Pune has been known as the Oxford of the east. To deserve that tag, we need to do a lot to improve the quality of education. Are we really creating the leaders of the future ?? We have failed to create excellence despite all the right ingredients. Calls for introspection.”

This has sparked discussion on why current education is failing and how universities and colleges in Pune which is often compared to universities like Oxford have failed to create excellence, leaders, innovators and intellectuals.

Many people replied to Mehta’s tweet and this is what some of them had to say:

Technology entrepreneur Amit Paranjape said, “Many reasons – lack of autonomy of some old top institutions, quantity vs quality for some of the newer institutions, lack of new top institutes (IITs/IIMs/AIIMs)…etc. Long discussion.”