HD 1.1 Propellant Processing Facility inaugurated at HEMRL

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Pune – Raksha Rajya Mantri, Dr Subhash R Bhamre, inaugurated the HD 1.1 Propellant Processing Facility at High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune on 30th Dec 2016. Shri KPS Murthy, Director HEMRL, Shri AM Datar, former-Director General, Armament & Combat Engineering, Shri DP Makkar, CCER&D (W) were present during the inauguration. HEMRL, is a premier laboratory of DRDO and primarily engaged in developing rocket & gun propellants, pyro technic devices, High Explosive systems and synthesis of high energy molecules. The laboratory has developed several propellant formulations for tactical as well as strategic missiles and rockets, which are either inducted or under various stages of development.

Energy level (specific impulse) of the propellant directly relates to the range & payload carrying capacity of rocket / missile. Current Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) based propellant compositions using Hydroxyl Terminated Poly Butadiene (HTPB) binder have attained saturation which makes it imperative for researchers to explore far and further in this area to improve energy levels of missiles.  In the recent past, HEMRL has developed high energy propellant compositions using nitrate esters and nitramines, classified as HD1.1 propellants which offer a significant jump in the energy level compared to their conventional counterparts. Enabling and allied technologies for producing these propellants, namely preparation of chemical ingredients and processing technologies, have been established and proposed to be utilized for development of various strategic systems.

HEMRL has created a new facility to process these high energy propellants (HD 1.1) to meet development needs of various advanced tactical and strategic systems. The HD 1.1 facility consists of state of the art facilities & equipments such as Anchor blade mixers for energetic binder preparation, Mobile Gravitational mixers for propellant mixing, instrumented casting and curing chambers. The facility and equipments are designed with advanced safety features wherein, all operations are carried out remotely in compliance with highest safety standards. 

Development of HD 1.1 propellant is a quantum leap in the design of propulsion systems and results in design of missile / rocket systems with improved lethality and performance.