Heavy Rains Disrupt Pune-Dubai Flights, Passengers Diverted to Fujairah

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Pune, 21st April 2024: Heavy rains in Dubai have led to disruptions in air services, primarily affecting the Pune-Dubai flight route. The closure of Dubai Airport until 4 am on April 19 caused numerous flight cancellations, prompting diversions to Fujairah. SpiceJet, which operates the Pune-Dubai direct flight, announced that flights from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune would be redirected to Fujairah due to the airport disruption caused by rain. This adjustment was implemented on April 19 and 20 for both inbound and outbound flights between Pune and Dubai.


The distance between Fujairah and Dubai is approximately 121 kilometres by road. Passengers travelling to or from Dubai must use alternative transportation to reach Fujairah and catch their flights, resulting in time loss and additional expenses. This inconvenience has been keenly felt by passengers, although there are indications that normal service will soon resume.


As the current period is not considered tourist season in Dubai, characterized by hotter weather, tourist traffic is minimal, with the peak season typically running from October to March. The Pune-Dubai route primarily serves business travellers, especially outside the tourist season. While the disruption has significantly impacted flight services from Mumbai to Europe and other destinations via Dubai, the effects on Pune have been relatively