Pune Mumbai Expressway Implements New Speed Limits for Safety

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Mumbai/Pune, 21st April 2024: The speed limit on the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway (Pune Mumbai Expressway) has been revised, particularly at Bhor Ghat and throughout the route, with strict enforcement against violators using CCTV cameras installed at various points.


Currently, the speed limit for the remainder of the expressway is set at 100 kmph. However, upon entering the ghat section, the speed limit decreases to 50 kmph. This reduction is notably low for light vehicles navigating through the ghat.


The Pune to Mumbai channel features a steep slope, and transitioning from a flat area to the ghat at a speed of 100 kmph poses challenges for drivers in slowing down to the designated 50 kmph limit. This difficulty contributes to an increased incidence of accidents, prompting the highway administration to adjust the speed limit.


For vehicles categorized as M, which carry up to eight passengers including the driver, the speed limit within the ghat is set at 60 kmph, while it remains at 100 kmph for the rest of the route. Vehicles falling under categories M2 and M3, which carry nine or more passengers including the driver, have a reduced speed limit of 40 kmph in the ghat area and 80 kmph elsewhere.


Goods-carrying vehicles are subject to a speed limit of 40 kmph in the ghat section and 80 kmph in other areas for safer transit.