Help desk for UTS Mobile App users at Pune railway station

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6 June 2019 : To motivate and educate the passengers, a drive for promotion of UTS Mobile app was started over Pune Division of Indian Railways.

Passengers were explained by the on duty commercial staff about the benefits and procedures to generate Unreserved tickets through UTS Mobile App.

The railway officials distributed pamphlets; banner has been displayed at various stations for promotion of UTS Mobile app.

Facility of UTS Mobile app was activated on 04.04.2018 over suburban section and on 12.10.2018 in non-suburban section. It is getting positive response from the passengers hence to reach maximum passengers division has started one help line desk at Pune Station.

Following are the salient features of the UTS Mobile App:

1. Booking of Unreserved tickets while away from the station.
2. No need to stand in long queues.
3. No chance of missing of paperless tickets.
4. Saving of time of the passengers.
5. 5% bonus through R-Wallet.
6. No additional fee/Charges for ticketing through UTS Mobile App.
7. Can be generated paper less or Paper Tickets
8. Platform and Season tickets can also be generated
9. Tickets can be generated in sub-urban as well as non-suburban sections
On 06.06.2019, one helpline booth has been opened at Pune Station in the Queue area of Booking office to educate the passengers to use UTS Mobile App.

According to officials, commercial staff has been deployed at the helpline both to motivate and educate the passengers.

Passengers have been requested to avail the benefits of UTS Mobile App and save money and time.