Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator

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National, 12 January 2022: Are you looking for the best Mediclaim policy? Do you want to customize and select a policy but don’t know how? A Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator is the answer to all your queries. You can know all the plans and benefits of health insurance from the Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator. Read on to know the complete process of using a Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator

A Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator is a tool that helps customers find suitable policies. They require a few personal details to find a good insurance plan. There are several such calculators available on the internet. But most of them follow the same rules and algorithms. So, if you understand one of them, you can easily understand the working of any other calculator. Follow the below steps, and you will be able to find and select the best health insurance on your own.

Step 1: Contact Details

The first step will always be to fill in your contact details. Insurance providers will then use your contact details to send the policy details and documents. Most calculators will only require a name, contact number, and email id.

Step 2: Members Details and Age

The next step is to add your name and age. You can even add the name and age of your family member if you wish to buy a joint or floater policy.

Step 3: Insured Sum

The next step is to choose the insured sum. Depending on the insurance provider, you can choose any insured sum between 1 lakh to 50 lakhs. The insured sum is important as the premium amount will increase with the insured sum. Some calculators give real-time results of premium amounts based on the insured sum. So, you can fill the insured sum field or change the insured sum and see the respective premium amount.

Step 4: Tenure

The next step is to decide the tenure of the health insurance policy. You can select any tenure of 1 or more years as per the choices given by the calculator. Remember that with increased tenure, there is a reduction in premium cost and an increase in the returns.

Step 5: Make Your Own Packages

You can create your own package with a reasonable premium amount. For that, you will need to add several additional covers by selecting the options from the list. Each additional cover will have the price written next to it. It will help you understand the cost of each cover and let you decide if you will require it or not.

Step 6: Customized Packages

Several Mediclaim Premium Policy Calculators also have pre-customized packages. The calculator uses your details to show you the customized packages. If you don’t want to go through several add-ons and covers, you can select these packages.

Step 7: Calculate

The best calculator will have a real-time visualization of the premium amount based on every input. But some calculators will have a calculate or search button. You will get the final premium amount you must pay for the Mediclaim policy by clicking on it.

Step 8: Iterations or Buy Now

If you are not content with the premium amount, you can change the covers and details till you find the perfect plan. And when you finalize a plan, click on the Buy Now option.

Step 9: Policy Terms and Registration

You are now redirected to the registration page. You must read the policy terms and conditions on the registration page before filling in the details. After successful registration, you can complete the payment, and the insurance provider will mail you the policy papers.

Now that you know how to find a suitable insurance policy, buy health insurance today itself. It will protect you and your family from financial troubles due to medical and accidental emergencies. The Mediclaim policies from Care Health insurance have the same steps mentioned in this guide. You can follow it to find an insurance policy from Care Health Insurance, one of the best insurance providers in India.